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Nov 2

SBRI Healthcare Programme Review

SBRI-Healthcare-Logo-largeThis study explores the contribution of the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare programme to innovation in the NHS (National Health Service). It was commissioned by the UK Department of Health Policy Research Programme. It is related to a wider, two-year study of innovation in the NHS being conducted by RAND Europe and the University of Manchester, but represents a discrete stream of work. In this report, we introduce the background and context for the SBRI Healthcare study (Chapter 1), describe the interview and survey methods used (Chapter 2), and discuss the main results (Chapter 3) and conclusions (Chapter 4). The accompanying appendices provide further details on the methods and results from the interviews and surveys conducted.

RAND Europe is a not-for-profit policy research organisation that helps to improve policy and decision making in the public interest, through research and analysis. RAND Europe’s clients include European governments, institutions, NGOs and firms with a need for rigorous, independent, multidisciplinary analysis. This document has been peer reviewed in accordance with RAND Europe’s quality assurance standards and as such can be portrayed as a RAND Europe document.

SBRI Review

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