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Assisted Living

ICE-T final logo RGBSEHTA has a great wealth of expertise and breadth of experience working with the Assisted Living sector.

Our e-Health Development Adviser, Dr Richard Curry, founded SEHTA’s International Centre of Excellence of Telecare (ICE-T) subdivision, which has guided some of the today’s leading telecare, telehealth and telemedicine products and services to market since 2009.  Ice -t

Dr Curry was formerly Senior Scientific Advisor to the Department of Health’s research initiative on the role of technology for supporting chronic disease management, self care and healthy living, as well as an advisor to the Technology Strategy Board (now InnovateUK) on their Assisted Living Innovation Platform.

Richard has co-authored a number of the sector’s leading publications, including:

  • Curry R., Jenkins J., Chesters R., Perry J., (2012) Assisted Living: UK Capabilities and Opportunities. Report for Technology Strategy Board (TSB)
  • Barlow J., Curry R., Chrysanthaki, T., Hendy J., Taher N., (2012) Remote Care plc: Developing the capacity of the remote care industry to supply Britain’s future needs. Report undertaken as part of Whole System Demonstrator evaluation. Report to Department of Health
  • Briggs J., Curry R.,(2012) Towards the integration of near-patient collection of information for the delivery of healthcare services. Association for Computing Machinery, SIGHIT Record, Volume 2 (2): pp 31-35
  • Ross P., Briggs J., Curry R., (2010) The Portsmouth Telecare Project, Journal  of Telemedicine  and Telecare eHealth & Telemed 2010, Evidence in Action, London
  • Barlow, J., Bayer, S., Curry, R.G  Hendy, J., Wheelock, A., (2010). Telecare Capital Grant in Wales: Evaluation of TCG implementation. Report to Welsh Assembly, December 2010
  • Barlow, J., Bayer, S., Curry, R.G., Hendy, J, McMahon, L. (2010) From care closer to home to care in the home: the potential impact of telecare on the built environment. In Kagioglou, M. & Tzortzopoulos, P. (eds.) Improving Healthcare Through The Built Environment. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Hobson, H., Liddle, A., Beale, T., Barlow, J., Curry, R.G., Williamson, B.,  Black, D., Hansell, P., (2008) Health Technology Scenarios and Implications for Spectrum. Report to Ofcom.
  • Curry, R.G., Lethbridge, K.L., and Parry, D., (2008). An International Centre of Excellence in Telecare – Background and Development. Report to South East Regional Development Agency

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