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Cluster Creation

We have the know-how and practical experience to help you set up a cluster that brings together a complex mixture of stakeholders and supports them to co-develop impactful work

Since 2005, SEHTA has been intimately involved in the creation and nurturing of many of the clusters, networks and complex partnerships aligned to healthcare technologies and involving entities from every corner of Europe. What is more, with a membership of more than 1,300 and a database of 7,000 contacts, SEHTA itself is evidence of our ability to build and look after a large and thriving network.

We have witnessed how the sharing of ideas, collaboration and co-development can accelerate innovation, R&D and commercialisation, and so we are passionate about building organisational structures that make this happen. The major factors and mechanisms that determine the success of a cluster, network or complex partnership are common to all industries and sectors, meaning that we can help you no matter what your smart specialisation or area of interest may be.

Are you looking to build and maintain a successful cluster, network or complex partnership?

Why not avoid the common pitfalls by benefitting from our deep and wide-ranging experience. The first step is to arrange a one-to-one appointment