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EU SEAS 2 Grow Project

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SEHTA is delighted to announce the publication of 3 important outputs from the SEAS 2 Grow EU project, which will be of immense interest to those of you with an interest in the health, care and wellbeing of the elderly:

  1. Stakeholder Needs Report
  2. Stakeholder Map
  3. Market Study

Stakeholder Needs Report
This report presents our analysis of 173 completed surveys from the following Silver Economy stakeholder groups from across the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands: suppliers, intermediaries, housing, health and care providers, local authorities, and elderly people and their informal carers. It is a fascinating read to better understand things like:

  • What is the profile of these different stakeholders?
  • What are the types of innovations that they are supplying / using / purchasing now and the in the future?
  • What are the barriers they face in doing this?
  • What is most important to a demand actor when it comes to purchasing or using an innovation?

And much more….

To view the Stakeholder Needs Report, please click here

You can access the accompanying tables and plots of raw results in the stakeholder-specific Annexes available here (you may need to scroll down the page to see them)

Stakeholder Map
Our Silver Economy Map is now live! The purpose of this map is to raise the profile of actors in the 2 Seas regions of the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands interested to become more involved in the development, trade and access of innovations for the elderly.

To view the map please click here

If you consider yourself to be a Silver Economy stakeholder and wish to be added to the Map, you can do so by clicking “Join the Map”

Market Study
This report is an impressive account of the support infrastructure, need and demand, ecosystems, opportunities and barriers involved in selling innovations for the elderly in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It begins by explaining what is meant by “Silver Economy” in each country, before focusing on the specific market characteristics of each country for suppliers with health and care, food and personal and household equipment innovations.

To read the Study please click here

We do hope you find this information useful and please do not hesitate to contact Dr Melissa Kapoor if you require any further information.

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