Many European countries are facing an unsustainable situation as citizens across the continent are living longer, resulting in demographic changes that are placing increasing pressure on health and social care.

Demographic changes make it necessary to organise the care and housing of senior citizens and the chronically ill in a smarter way including the use of ICT. This also gives opportunities for innovative companies to develop their new tools and services.

SEHTA is one of the 14 partner regions and was chosen because of its expertise in the field of telecare and telehealth and its experience of working on major European projects. After a SWOT analysis and benchmarking, SEHTA is involved in a range of international activities, including workshops and study visits.

The CASA project comprises 14 participating organisations from 13 European regions:  Flanders (Belgium) as Lead Partner, Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands), Kent County and Scotland (United Kingdom), Veneto Region and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), Southern Denmark, Wielkopolska (Poland), Catalonia and Andalucia (Spain), Timis County (Romania), East-Sweden and the Region Halland (Sweden).