The SEHTA InnoHub is a partnership bringing together experts on one hand from ambient assisted living and on the other hand from smart houses. Partners in the InnoHub already include Smart Homes and Buildings Association (SHBA), Housing Leaning and Improvement Network (HLIN),Built Environment Foresight Group, UCL and Habinteg Housing Association. 

The aim is to strengthen the knowledge transfer activities between those sectors and to look for convergence of priorities to support the development of eco-innovation and smart homes for the elderly.

The first task of the InnoHub is to assemble evidence in the form of case studies of the integration of housing and care, to develop the business and benefits case for the convergence and to identify  relevant policy links. 

The SEHTA InnoHub will also operate transnationally in cooperation with the 14 other Hubs to be established on the same topics in Innovage Partner countries.

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