Most health technology companies want to access the NHS and SMEs find this especially challenging. The SEHTA team have spent over 10 years helping companies understand and access the NHS and have finally attempted to distil all this knowledge and experience into this Guide.

Don’t take our word for it…….

“I have read some of the Guide’s chapters already, and was very impressed with the content” – AHSN 

“Really impressive” – National business support organisation

"This Accessing the NHS guide, very much like the rest of the amazing work SEHTA does IS Incredible, SEHTA offer informative, accurate and straightforward guidance and I would highly recommend them" - SME
“Well structured and useful documents” – SME 
“It is straightforward and effective” – SME 

"The guide is packed full of useful information for any start-up that is looking to market their product to the NHS”– SME 

"I wish I had had such a guide when starting out in this field, it would have saved me a lot of time, money and angst!" - SME 

"The easiest way to understand how to access the NHS, health funding, develop and protect your project" - SME 

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Dr David Parry, CEO, SEHTA says “The SEHTA team and its partners Hempsons are very proud of this guide. We believe it is unique in providing a readable, informative and comprehensive document to help companies with their aspirations to sell to the NHS”. 

James Lawford Davies, Partner, Hempsons says “We hope this guide offers you the practical support and provides you with some useful tips, on how to access the NHS”.